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CLEAN AGENT: We carry a variety of fire extinguishers with three different Clean Agent chemicals; Amerex Halotron I, Amerex Halon 1211, and Ansul FE-36.  Best for minimizing damage to valuable equipment like computers, documents, or priceless art.  Also used in data centers, laboratories, and other industrial manufacturers, etc. to extinguish the fire, limit the damage, and reduce the downtime caused by other agents. These chemicals dispense as a liquefied, compressed gas that leaves no residue and has low toxicity.

Halon MSDS
Halotron MSDS
Ansul FE-36 MSDS

CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2): Also considered a “Clean Agent,” this is a non-contaminating, odorless gas that dispenses as a spray of "snow," which covers the fire and cuts off its oxygen supply. Effective on Class B and Class C fires and safe for use on clothing, documents, or food.

Carbon Dioxide MSDS

ABC MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for nearly all types of fires, this extinguisher is the recommended option for homes, apartment buildings or offices. It utilizes a dry chemical which insulates and coats Class A fires. When putting out a Class B fire, the chemical stream is non-conductive and safe for the operator.

Ansul Foray MSDS

REGULAR DRY CHEMICAL (BC): Ready to extinguish Class B or Class C fires, the chemical inside these fire extinguishers is a siliconized, sodium bicarbonate-based dry chemical. The powder covers and smothers Class B fires, preventing further chain reaction of the flammable liquids. For Class C fires, the powder will not conduct electricity to the operator of the extinguisher.

Regular (BC) MSDS
Ansul Plus-Fifty-C MSDS

HIGH PERFORMANCE DRY CHEMICAL: Dispensing a dry chemical suitable for Class A, B, and C fires, the High Performance models have extra features, such as "fast flow" and greater range, increased corrosion resistance, fewer parts for greater reliability, extended warranty, and low maintenance costs.

PURPLE K: The go-to extinguisher for the oil, gas, and chemical industries is the Purple K. It contains a special dry chemical that's formulated to be effective on flammable liquids and gases. The spray is electrically non-conductive.

Purple K MSDS

CLASS D: Best for the aircraft, auto body, and other industries working with metallic fire hazards, the Class D extinguisher puts out fires involving magnesium, sodium, potassium, and sodium-potassium alloys. Because these fires react violently to water, a sodium chloride or copper powder is used, which disperses heat and cakes the fire to cut off its air supply.

Class D MSDS

WET CHEMICAL: Recommended to extinguish fires that involve combustible cooking oils or fats in commercial cooking equipment, the potassium, acetate-based agent inside this extinguisher is placed exactly where you aim it, with no chemical residual to clean up, forming a blanket over the flames, cutting off the air supply, and halting the release of more flammable vapors. Ideal for use in restaurants, food manufacturing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, etc. These extinguishers are a back up to existing cooking equipment automatic system protection for an extra margin of safety. Class K rated.

K Class MSDS
Ansul K-Class MSDS

WATER MIST: Ideal for Class A fires when Class C (electrical) hazards are present. Dispenses a fine water mist through a specialized nozzle, which also protects the user from electric shock and reduces the scattering of flaming materials.  Using deionized water (purchased separately), these fire extinguishers are best suited for the protection of hospital environments, valuable books and documents, telecommunication facilities, and “clean room” manufacturing facilities.

WATER & FOAM: Depending upon the model, these fire extinguishers are effective on Class A fires, and the cooling and soaking effect of this extinguisher is suitable for the inexperienced operator. Most models are also effective on Class B fires and flammable materials such as hydrocarbons, alcohols, polar solvents, and combination materials like gasohol.  Foam extinguishers are ideal for first responders. Recommended to extinguish restaurant and kitchen fires, the agent inside this extinguisher forms a blanket over the flames, cutting off the air supply and halting the release of more flammable vapors. Class K rated.


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