Choosing A Fire Extinguisher

1. Determine which extinguisher you need.

Which type of fire are you most likely to encounter? A greasy kitchen fire will require a different extinguisher than one consisting largely of paper or plastic.

See below for a guide to fire extinguisher classifications: 
2.  Consider other features and accessories you’ll need.

Keep in mind how and where the fire extinguisher will be stored. Browse our selection of cabinets and mounting brackets.

Also, in the event your extinguisher is ever necessary, take into consideration the process and/or the cost of refilling or recharging it. Once a fire extinguisher has been used — even if it was used very little — it should be recharged right away to keep it operational.

3. Purchase your extinguishers online here.

We make it simple, easy, and affordable to shop online for this essential safety item. Fire Extinguishers Direct offers a variety of brands, sizes and class ratings — typically more than most stores are able to stock on shelves — and provides you with a range of manufacturers and various sizes of extinguishers, allowing you to protect every area in your home and business.

Also, when you buy from us, you can choose to include inspection tags — no matter how many you order — they will be inspected and ready for the first 12 months of use, which will save you time and money.

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